NLEC Advantage

A New Approach

Recognizing the need for a different service model in the life insurance industry, Mac Nease, John Lagana, Mark Eden and Dave Culley joined together in 1988 to create Nease, Lagana, Eden & Culley (NLEC). From the beginning, our business has been built on the premise that high net worth families and businesses require access to a higher level of insight, expertise, products and services.


Unique Expertise

Today, NLEC is one of the country’s leading specialty insurance advisory firms. We focus on wealth transfer and preservation planning for some of the country’s most affluent families. We design, implement and service customized life insurance portfolios that offer our clients flexibility while enhancing their overall objectives. Our specialized expertise and ability to customize solutions has enabled us to assist in the placement of some of the largest and most complex life insurance portfolios in the country.

The placement of coverage is only the beginning of our relationship. Constant vigilance and oversight of your life insurance portfolio is a necessity. Our unique service model and professional staff allows for a more robust, customized reporting approach. Life insurance is a dynamic asset and its performance must be regularly monitored and adapted to changing needs.