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NLEC continues to provide leadership on the Board of M Financial.

September 15, 2021

NLEC congratulates and offers a heartfelt thank you to Mac Nease for his 32 years of service on the Board of M Financial. A true pioneer and visionary in the life insurance industry, Mac devoted countless hours to serving clients and the broader insurance community via the M Financial Board – all for the greater purpose of client advocacy. Many prominent families in the country would not have access to sophisticated, customized insurance solutions without Mac’s input and guidance. His stewardship, particularly in the areas of product development and working directly with carriers, may never be duplicated again.

While Mac has ended his board service at M Financial, he remains quite engaged at NLEC as one of our founding principals. All of us at NLEC are thrilled to have his continued guidance as a leader in our firm.

At the same time, we offer congratulations to Brent Eden who was recently elected to the Board at M Financial. Brent joined NLEC 10 years ago after practicing law for several years. In a short period of time, Brent has assumed leadership roles in the firm, and at M Financial. We are excited for this new chapter in Brent’s career, and grateful for his willingness to serve the broader life insurance community.