Service First

A Proactive Promise

Life insurance is a significant asset that needs to be monitored like any other. At NLEC, we proactively manage the performance of your coverage through regular policy reviews, evaluations, and, as necessary, modifications. Your insurance portfolio is handled with the same level of management as you demand from any other investment you make.

From the moment your coverage is issued, we set up an administrative chronology for your plan and work closely with you and your advisor to communicate pertinent information and updates.


Tracking Plan Performance

We regularly monitor your policy’s performance to ensure it remains on track to meet your objectives. We do this in a number of ways including monitoring carrier financial strength, comparing actual performance to established benchmarks, as well as reviewing your changing needs. A change in circumstances may warrant plan or policy modifications. In the event a claim needs to be filed, we handle all aspects of the process to facilitate the expedited processing and delivery of benefits to beneficiaries. Often this can be a difficult process for the client or the client’s family. We endeavor to make it smooth and simple for our clients and their families so they don’t have to worry.