Unique solutions

Maximize Your Wealth

The smooth transfer of your assets to your intended beneficiaries requires meticulous advance planning to mitigate the effect of taxes. There are generally three recipients for your assets – your family, a charity, or the Internal Revenue Service. With our help, you can control this distribution with maximum efficiency.

Our specialized assessment methods and techniques can allow you to:

  • Design a plan: Design and document a plan to ensure proper amounts and timing of distributions to your designated beneficiaries.
  • Family Gifts: Establish gifting programs to transfer assets and provide financial solutions for a spouse or other dependents; take advantage of maximum annual and lifetime gift exclusions.
  • Support a cause: Make a greater impact when you give to a charitable organization.
  • Mitigate taxes: Enhance and equalize distributions of estate and business interests; properly fund any remaining tax liability through the most efficient and cost-effective methods.

NLEC has the tools and expertise to optimize the planning and transfer of your wealth with life insurance.